UNIDEN BCT15X Bear Tracker Scanner


Uniden Bearcat BCT15X mobile base scanners come pre-programmed with many of the channels in use by local police, department of transportation, and highway patrols for easy state-by-state scanning.

Uniden's TrunkTracker III technology allows you to keep up with all the action on the most popular trunking systems including Motorola, EDACS, and EF Johnson (LTR systems. The BCT15X automatic scanning feature will instantly find the active Talk Groups in your local area.


  • TrunkTracker III Technology
  • 9000 Dynamically Allocated Channels 
  • Close Call® RF Capture Technology
  • System / Channel Number Tagging
  • Location-Based Scanning 
  • Fire Tone-Out
  • Alpha Tagging
  • 100 Quick Key System Access
  • Band Scope

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