Galaxy DX98VHP Amateur Radio


The Galaxy DX98VHP Big Rig 200 Watt 10-Meter Radio with Single Sideband is the highest output radio available from Galaxy, pushing over 200 watts of modulation with 8 IRF520 MOSFET final transistors, 50 watts more than the DX95T2 and over twice as powerful as the Galaxy DX94.

The DX98VHP sports information loaded 3 in 1 meter that allows easy monitoring of SWR, power, and signal strength. Positive control knobs, adjustable echo, variable talkback, voice changer, roger beep, built-in frequency counter, and variable power round out the feature set of this amazing very high-power radio from Galaxy.


  • On/Off Roger Beep
  • Galaxy Style Echo
  • Built-in Voice Changer
  • Automatic SWR Circuit
  • Same Main PCB as DX95T2
  • Starlite Faceplate
  • Side Microphone Jack
  • 5-Digit Blue LED Frequency Counter

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