KICKER 03KQ30 30-Band Graphic Equalizer

SKU: 03KQ30

KICKER 03KQ30 KICKER KQ30 is designed and built to give you years of trouble-free performance. Thirty bands of 12dB cut or boost at 1/3-octave spacing mean ultimate frequency control in stereo or mono.

A scorching 9-volt output lets you pour on the signal to your amps. Adjustable input and output controls for each channel add more control, and fast-acting clip indicators keep things from getting too crazy.


  • Pre-Amp/30-Band Graphic Equalizer
  • Center Frequencies (at 1/3-octave intervals)
  • Separate left and right input gain controls with clip indicator LEDs
  • Separate left and right output gain controls with clip indicator LEDs
  • Signal-to-noise ratio at the full output: 120 dB
  • High voltage preamp accepts audio signals from 500 mV to 9 Volts
  • Stereo/Mono Operation

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