President Electronics ADAMS Compact AM Mobile CB Radio

SKU: Adams

Compact 40 channel AM mobile CB radio with 7 selectable back light colors. Features Up/down channel selector on microphone, manual squelch and automatic squelch control, multi-function LCD display, Digital S meter, ANL filter, Noise Blanker filters, Talk-back, Beep function, Roger Beep, programmable emergency channel, front mount 4 pin microphone, rear external speaker and PA jacks.



  • 40 channels AM
  •  Up/down channel selector
  •  Volume adjustment and ON/OFF
  •  Manual squelch and ASC
  •  Multi-functions LCD display
  •  S-meter
  •  ANL filter , NB 
  •  F function key
  •  Beep Function
  •  Roger Beep
  •  EMG programmable
  •  Talkback
  •  Public Address
  •  Microphone Dynamic / Electret 
  •  Front microphone plug
  •  External loudspeaker jack

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