Stryker SR-447HPC2 Compact 10 Meter Radio With Multi-Color


The Stryker SR 447-HPC2 is an amazing piece of radio equipment, mostly because of what it does right. It's a simple, easy-to-use radio, that packs a lot of power in a small chassis.

Another strong feature of the Stryker 10-meter radio is its elegant multi-colored faceplate, large easy to read meter, and simple-to-use tactile control knobs. When beauty meets elegance and simplicity, you get a radio that you'll enjoy using for years to come.


  • 55W PEP; High power MOSFET finals
  • Heavy-duty AM regulator
  • Up-Armored receiver
  • Advanced adjacent channel rejection
  • Digital echo w/ dual front-mounted controls
  • 7-color channel display
  • 7-Color LED-backlit faceplate
  • Multiple-step dimmer

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