STRYKER SR955HPC Amateur Radio


The SR-955HPC features an attractive seven-color LED-backlit faceplate that lets the operator select the best contrast for day or nighttime operation. No need to suffer eye strain while working your 10-meter unit. 60+ watts PEP output is available to make sure your signal is received loud and clear.

The Stryker SR-955HPC's six frequency digit counter won't make you guess if you locked on frequency; built-in digital echo and variable talk-back volume control, combined with Roger Beep, mic & RF gain, and advanced noise filters provide unmatched audio performance. 


  • Easy to read LED-backlit faceplate with 7 colors
  • 60+ Watts PEP output power
  • Operates on AM, FM, USB, and LSB modes
  • Digital echo and talkback
  • 6 digit frequency counter
  • PC programmable
  • Advanced noise blanking and automatic noise limiter
  • Optional CTCSS (continuous tone-coded squelch system) module

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