Uniden SR30C 500 Channel Handheld Narrow Band Scanner


Uniden SR30C handheld scanner. The scanner is versatile, compact, and easy to use. In addition to its standard scanning features, your scanner also includes Close Call® RF capture technology designed to help you detect and identify strong local radio signals in your area.

You can program up to 500 frequencies into the scanner’s memory. The scanner lets you scan transmissions and is pre-programmed with service bands for your convenience. You can quickly search those frequencies most commonly used by police and other agencies without tedious and complicated programming. The scanner gives you direct access to over 32,000 exciting frequencies.



  • Police and fire departments (including rescue and paramedics)
  • NOAA weather transmissions
  • Business/Industrial radio
  • Utilities
  • Marine and amateur (ham radio) bands
  • Aircraft band


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